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  • Company support

    Got a question about your company? Get answers to all kinds of questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Company formation

    Choose a business legal structure. LTD (EOOD) as a formation is one of the most used companies and can be done with a foundation capital of only two BGN. LTD can be formed by one shareholder.LLC (OOD) can be formed by two or more shareholders. The minimal foundation capital is again 2 BGN.The registration of the company it will take 1 to 2 working days to complete the registration process and at the end we will provide you Certificate of Good Standing

  • VAT registration online

    Your VAT registration will be ready within 14 days. will inform immediately when it is ready your VAT registration.

  • Registered Office

    You will need to have the official address for tax administration, which will be visited by the National Revenue Agency authorities in connection with the VAT registration, and by other public authorities.

  • Bank accounts in Bulgarian bank with online banking

    Open bank account in a bank of your choice

  • Emailed Reminders

    We will remind you about important deadlines and never late to anything.

  • Accounting services

    The price includes monthly accountingThese prices are for company which activity will be providing services

  • Accounting services

    These prices are for company which activity will be trading with goods

  • Payroll staff for 1 to 3 employees

Micro business


  • 450 EUR
  • 1 year included
  • 180 EUR per month for up to 20 documents per month and free tax advising.
  • Inclusive

Small business


  • 450 EUR
  • 1 year included
  • 220 EUR per month for 21 to 40 documents per month and free tax advising.
  • Inclusive

Grown business


  • 450 EUR
  • 1 year included
  • 280 EUR per month for 41 to 80 documents per month and free tax advising.
  • Inclusive