Start up business in Bulgaria

The team of Your Accounting Ltd is a specialized in the delivery of tax consulting and financial consulting, accounting services and financial analysis.

Our ambitions are focused on building long-term business relationship with our clients, loyal attitude and individual approach towards them.

Upon signing an agreement for accounting services with us in front of you have the following advantages:

  • low cost for accounting services;

  • consultations at any time;

  • we are always available for our customers

  • legal and tax protection.

The team of Your Accounting Ltd has developed a special package „Starting a business in Bulgaria ”. The package includes a full range of accounting services.

These services are suitable for customers who have decided to start a new business in Bulgaria.

We know that the every beginning is difficult, but we will help you.


The package „Starting business in Bulgaria” includes the following services:

      • company registration;

      • VAT registration;

      • bank account;

      • free consultations;

Additional services

      • tax address;

      • accounting services;

      • legal and tax protection;

      • preferential prices for the months in which your company does not was pursuing an activity.


Why Bulgaria?

      • Corporate tax – 10 %

      • Personal Income tax – 10%

      • Dividend tax – 5%

      • Distributed to EU/EAA companies – 0%

      • Withholding tax – 10%

      • VAT – 20%

      • VAT on tourism – 9%

      • VAT to EU supplies – 0%

      • VAT on export – 0%

And one more thing ...

When you arrive at the Sofia airport you will already have quick access to

the city center by metro.


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