Accounting services

"Your Accounting" Ltd. provides a range of accounting services - organization of accounting, company registration, tax and financial advice. Customers in our face are a good partner and a professional attitude to them. Our company provides a wide range of accounting services to their clients. In cooperation with us we guarantee quality accounting services of our accounting services. In order to save time we seek to minimize the contact of our customers with the state administration. Our clients have to work for your business, and we help them in realizing their business ideas, so periodically provide precise information on their financial situation.
Our company has gained considerable expertise in providing accounting services for foreigners and Bulgarian companies. We have clients, large fractions of which are owned by citizens of Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries. You can communicate with us in English language.
Accounting services we provide include:
  1. Accounting in accordance with Bulgarian and International accounting standards.
  2. Booking of accounting entries for customer invoices and payments.
  3. Booking of accounting entries for supplier invoices and payments
  4. Booking of customs declarations.
  5. Booking of bank and cash payments.
  6. Booking of payroll entries.
  7. Preparation and submission of a monthly INTRASTAT declaration.
  8. Monthly calculation of advances and alternative taxes and making payment for them.
  9. Preparation and keeping of a Non-current assets register, calculation and booking of depreciation, keeping of a Tax depreciation allowances register.
  10. Preparation and submission of a monthly VAT declaration, VS declaration, sales and purchases ledgers, and other declarations based on the VAT Law.
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