About Us

Your Accounting Ltd. is a company providing accounting services to European businesses and overseas companies setting up in Bulgaria. Our services range from setting up business and tax consulting, through to high professional accounting services, bookkeeping and payroll, HR and company formation in Bulgaria.
A company's success always depends on the reliability of accounting functions - bookkeeping and financial reporting.
Our function is providing you to date analysis for your company. You demand authentic data as a basis for making decisions concerning your core business.
How we will support you:
  1. Our advice contains all aspects of accountancy and finance in Bulgaria.
  2. We have the in-depth professional expertise and chartered accountants to support you in a specific area concept according to your needs.
  3. We will prepare tax planning for your company.
  4. We can provide you tax protection.

Accounting services

We will help you to find the best accounting services for your business with the help of team of seasoned accounting managers and highly skilled accounts professionals. The key aspect for any company is to focus on the team and its partners. This aspect means that the company and the team should not deviate from their business aspects like accounting. Therefore we can offer a solution for accounting services of your company. We will comply with your requirements and individual approach to you in full confidentiality.
We offer cost-effective and accounting solutions for all needs of your business:
  1. professional tax and accounting consultations at any time
  2. VAT registration and monthly preparation and submission of VAT returns
  3. preparation of financial closing / periodic financial statements
  4. preparation of corporate income tax returns
  5. legal and tax protection

Payroll services

We offer you customized payroll services reflecting your needs. You can be sure that we will be your trusted advisor in the selection of staff and its management. Together with us we will not be missed any tax period. All data for the staff salaries and insurance costs will be at your disposal at any time.

Tax accounting

Tax accounting is a real challenge for new companies. In this regard the tax experts are expensive cost for startups. This is not necessary and profitable, so it is best to contact our accounting and tax experts.


The VAT registration is compulsory or optional. Applications for VAT registration may be submitted:
  1. in person if the taxable person is a competent natural person or sole trader
  2. by an authorized representative of a legal person or cooperative, an unincorporated company or an insurance fund
  3. by an accredited representative
Applications should state the grounds for registration, and include the documents provided in the regulations on the implementation of the law. The date of registration under this law is the date of issue of the registration certificate for your company.

Company registration

We provide the best services for the registration of your company in Bulgaria. Our services include:
  1. Consultations and our advice for the various legal forms in Bulgaria ;
  2. Drafting all necessary documents required for company registration in Bulgaria;
  3. Providing registered address and/or office;
  4. Opening of bank accounts in Bulgarian banks;
  5. Providing virtual office;
  6. VAT registration;
These services are suitable for customers who have decided to start a new business in Bulgaria.
We know that the every beginning is difficult, but we will help you.
For more information, please contact us.