Every employee is entitled to paid annual leave.

According to Art. 155 para 1 of the Labour Code when starting work for the first time the employee may use paid annual leave when it acquires at least 8 months work experience.

In case of termination of employment before acquisition of of eight months work experience the employee is entitled to compensation for unused leave, calculated in accordance with Art. 224, para 1.
The amount of paid annual leave is not less than 20 working days.

Some categories of workers, depending on the specific nature of the work are entitled to an extended paid leave in which leave is included under para 4. The categories of employees and the minimum amount of such leave shall be determined by the Council of Ministers.

According to Art. 156 under Art. 155, para. 2 the employee is entitled to additional paid leave:

– to work under specific conditions and risks to life and health that can not be eliminated, restricted
or reduced, despite the measures taken – not less than 5 working days;
– To work in irregular working hours – not less than 5 working days.
The types of work for which additional annual leave shall be determined by an ordinance of the Council of Ministers.

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