• Maximum insurable income changes from 2400 BGN to 2600 BGN .;

• Minimum insurance income for self-employed persons who did not carry out activities in 2013 and those which started operations in 2014 and 2015 is set at 420 BGN .;

• Minimum insurance income for self-employed persons who have exercised an activity in 2013 is determined according to their taxable income for 2013 as follows:
– Up to 5400 BGN – 420 BGN .;
– 5 400.01 BGN to 6500 BGN – 450 BGN .;
– 6 500.01 BGN to 7500 BGN – 500 BGN .;
– Over 7500 BGN – 550 BGN

• Minimum insurance income for farmers and tobacco – 300 BGN

• The minimum wage varies from 340 to 360 BGN of 01.01.2015 and of 01.07.2015, they are to be increased to 380 BGN

• Changes in VAT mainly concern the provision of telecommunications services, broadcasting of radio and television and electronic services to end users. These services should be subject to VAT in the country in which he is established taxable person – the customer. To avoid the need to register for VAT in each Member State on such deliveries, providers will be able to enjoy special arrangements for reporting the information system MOSS, after applying for it.

• Annual tax returns can now be submitted electronically only runway code issued by the NRA.

• The maternity allowance does not change remains 340 BGN changes affect the way the calculation of income which is received mother before going on leave – 18 months increased to 24 months.

• A new electronic system for the submission of medical certificates from doctors at the Institute. This does not relieve employees of their obligation to submit a doctor’s note – a copy of the employer. It is believed that the introduction of the electronic system will speed up the processing of medical certificates.

• Within 01.31.2015 year self employed can change the type of self-insurance you. Declaration of self-employment may be submitted in person at the NRA or by proxy, and also by registered mail.

Accounting Services Bulgaria

Accounting Services Bulgaria

Every employee is entitled to paid annual leave.

According to Art. 155 para 1 of the Labour Code when starting work for the first time the employee may use paid annual leave when it acquires at least 8 months work experience.

In case of termination of employment before acquisition of of eight months work experience the employee is entitled to compensation for unused leave, calculated in accordance with Art. 224, para 1.
The amount of paid annual leave is not less than 20 working days.

Some categories of workers, depending on the specific nature of the work are entitled to an extended paid leave in which leave is included under para 4. The categories of employees and the minimum amount of such leave shall be determined by the Council of Ministers.

According to Art. 156 under Art. 155, para. 2 the employee is entitled to additional paid leave:

– to work under specific conditions and risks to life and health that can not be eliminated, restricted
or reduced, despite the measures taken – not less than 5 working days;
– To work in irregular working hours – not less than 5 working days.
The types of work for which additional annual leave shall be determined by an ordinance of the Council of Ministers.

Accounting Services Bulgaria

Accounting Services Bulgaria