According to VAT car is a car in which the number of seats the driver does not exceed 5.

The fuel expenses for a car classified as maintenance costs repair and operation. These costs are treated differently depending on what kind of activity is the fuel used:

1. When the fuel is used for the performance of the main activity of the company, it is recognized for tax purposes and not subject to to income tax on costs. Activities that fall into this category – security, transport or taxi services.

2. When the fuel is used for the management activities of the company, the costs are not subject to VAT pursuant to Art. 70, paragraph 1, item. 3 VAT and taxed 10% according to Art. 204 tons. 3 CITA.

3. When the fuel is used for main and management activities of the company tax base costs are based on mileage for the activity for the calendar year.

4. When the cost of exploitation, repair and maintenance of passenger cars used for representation expenses such as business meetings, or other entertainment events are subject to 10% tax under CITA.

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Accounting Services Bulgaria