As of 01.01.2017, the minimum wage varies from 420 BGN to 460 BGN

The amount of maximum insurable earnings remains at the rate of 2,600 BGN

A new article (Art. 128b par. 3) which obliges every employer must keep employment dossier for staff in the company. E-file of the employee must contain documents from his appointment arising from changes to the termination of the contract.
More information about the type and storage requirements will be determined by the new Council of Ministers act.

Important for self-employed:
Insurable income for self-employed persons according to their taxable income for 2015 by the exercising the relevant labor activity as self-employed is defined:
to 5,400 BGN – 460 BGN;
from 5400.01 to 6500 BGN – 500 BGN;
from 6500.01 BGN to 7500 BGN – 550 BGN;
7,500 BGN – 600 BGN
Insurable income for self-employed persons who have not exercised activity in 2016, as well as those that started operations in 2016 and 2017 is 460 BGN