As of 01.01.2016, the minimum wage varies from 380 BGN to 420 BGN next increase in the minimum wage is set to become on of 01.01.2017 – 460 BGN

The amount of maximum insurable earnings remains at the rate of 2,600 BGN

The amount of the allowance for raising a child from one to two years is maintained at a rate of 340 BGN

The average monthly income per family member as of 01.01.2016 totaled 350 BGN. This income serves to limit access to family allowances for children. From 01.07.2016 Human Development provides income increased to 400 BGN

Child benefits in the following sizes:
• 37 BGN for a child
• 85 BGN for two children
• 130 BGN for three children
• 140 BGN four children, thereby increasing the number of children in the family, using the family will increase by 20 BGN